The 20th Annual Haunted Train Ride Event 

The Haunted Car Crawl

Sponsored by Norfolk Lions and Norfolk Community League


Saturday Oct 24, 2020

"Rain or Shine"


Gates Open

5:00pm - 8:30pm 

Freeman-Kennedy School

Check-In: Norfolk Grange

28 Rockwood Road

Norfolk, MA 02056

The event begins at the Norfolk Grange. Tickets will be scanned here and Boo Bags distributed prior to entering the line for the school grounds. 

If you thought the train was Spooktacular, you will really enjoy this years new  Haunted Car Crawl. The event is geared toward kids in kindergarten through middle school. As the evening gets darker, the crawl gets creepier.

There will be MUSIC and ENTERTAINMENT!


All Proceeds from the ticket sales will benefit worthy Norfolk Community Needs


Get your Classic HTR Long Sleeve T-Shirt Perfect for those chilly fall days.

$15 each

Available in Youth and Adult Sizes

Grab a Boo Bag to snack on during the Haunted Car Crawl. 

$10 each

These special treat bags include potato chips, a water pod (small bottle), a glow stick, Halloween gummies and a Halloween napkin. They will be handed out during check-in on the night of the event.

Boo Bags & HTR Long Sleeve T-Shirts  are available as add on purchase items during ticket sales. All Proceeds from these special items will benefit the H. Olive Day and Freemen-Kennedy Schools. 



Tickets are still Available (5pm-6pm Block Only)

$30 per vehicle

Haunted Car Crawl tickets will be sold in 1 hour time blocks to help with traffic control.





You'll be able to choose from the available hour time blocks on a first come first served basis until sold out. 

A limited number of tickets will be available for each time block. 

Tickets will be sent electronically to the email address used during registration. You will receive an email confirming your purchase including a PDF attachment containing your tickets.



  • Tickets are limited to one (1) per family. [1 ticket is good for one vehicle].

  • Tickets are $30.00 per vehicle and non refundable.

  • No Tickets will be Sold The Night of The Event.


  • Passenger vehicles only. No motorcycles, buses or RVs will be allowed. 

  • Please keep car doors closed and hands and feet in your vehicle. 

  • Speed limit is 5 m.p.h.

  • No Smoking, 

  • The Haunted Car Crawl does not accept responsibility for any damage to vehicles, persons or property.


Violations of the ticket policy will result in your transaction being cancelled and tickets forfeited

No One Will Be Allowed out of their vehicle or into the event without a vehicle.

This year we will have a collection bin at check-in for “Coats 4 Kids”. We will be collecting coats for men, women and children to be given to families in need in our community. Any and all coats in good condition are needed and all will be dry-cleaned courtesy of Anton’s Cleaners.



What is the purpose of the Haunted Train Ride?

The Haunted Train Ride is a fundraiser as well as a community event that is sponsored by Norfolk Community League and Norfolk Lions. All proceeds go back into the community via grants that are administered through Norfolk Community League and Norfolk Lions. In the past, Norfolk schools, the library, Stony Brook, the food pantry, and the Senior Center (just to name a few), have all benefited by funds raised by the Haunted Train Ride.

Why can't you sell more tickets?

The people that you see in the woods, loading the trains, working the cafe, acting in the Ghoul bus, and everyone else who is lending a hand are all volunteers. Even after the last person has ridden the train there is still work to be done, often well past 10:00pm. While being in the woods and scaring people on the train is super-fun, it is also exhausting! It's hard being "in character" every time the train goes by. It's too much to ask people to stay out in the woods for longer than the five plus hours they already do.


Can you do the event for an additional night?

It takes over 100 volunteers to make this event happen and often it is a struggle to get enough volunteers to keep things running safely and smoothly for even one night. It would be very difficult to get another group of volunteers for an additional evening. The event takes place on someone's private property and set up begins a few days before and clean up lasts until the next day. They need their property back in order to run their business on Monday morning.

Tickets sold out each night in minutes. I had a better chance of getting a paper ticket at the library. Can we go back to that?

Selling the tickets online within minutes would be the equivalent of selling a paper ticket to every person standing in line all at the same time, but without the hassle of waiting in line and inconveniencing library patrons and staff and causing a traffic jam on Liberty Lane.

How are we suppose to get tickets if it sells out within minutes?

There are 1700 tickets sold. Unfortunately not everyone will get a ticket. We would love it if everyone who wanted to go could get a ticket but it's just not possible (see 1&2 above). As the event draws near, many families are no longer able to attend and will sell their tickets. Keep an eye on social media.

I never received my tickets? 

All tickets were sent electronically to the email address used during registration. You should have instantly received an email confirming your purchase including a PDF attachment of the tickets. Check your Junk/SPAM folder as well and if you still did not receive them please let us know. 

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for the Haunted Train Ride! We have taken your comments and feedback into consideration. Although the train has been running for 19 years, it is a continuous process of improvement. 


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