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The Lions Club of Norfolk Massachusetts will award four (4) $2000 college scholarships for graduating high school seniors who are residents of Norfolk.  The students may attend public or private schools or be home schooled.


The scholarships will be awarded to candidates who have been actively involved in community service activities, as well as academic performance and other extracurricular activities.

You can apply for one of these scholarships by completing the scholarship application below and all required documentation.


Please download and complete the Application Form below. 


Please return the completed Application Form and all required attachments by March 28, 2022.



Thank you so much for awarding me with the Norfolk Lions Scholarship. This money will aid me with commencing my next chapter of life at Endicott College. I was fortunate enough to work with the Lions through both the KP Leo Club and my DECA chapter and I have always been welcomed & supported by the Lions.

Thank you so much!


Thank you for selecting me to be a recipient of the Norfolk Lions Scholarship. Between my years in Boy Scouts and Leo Club I have had the pleasure of working with so many Lions Club members and will cherish each experience. The work you do as a club is truly amazing and I hope to be a Lion one day. I am Honored to have been selected for this incredibly generous scholarship. I will forever continue my community service with the strong spirit of the Norfolk Lions in mind. 


Thank you so much for awarding me with the Norfolk Lions Scholarship. I was really excited to learn of this! I believe your organization does so many great things for our community and as a member of Troop 80 have had the opportunity to work with members of the Lions. The scholarship will be really helpful in paying my tuition bill. Thank you again.


I am extremely honored and humbled to have been selected as a recipient of the Norfolk Lions Scholarship. I really appreciate everything you all have done for the community over the years. I'm super excited for college and this scholarship will go a long way towards helping me to it afford it. Thanks again!

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