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Learn and Grow

WEEK #4 RAFFLE: Learn and Grow


This raffle ends next Saturday at 3 pm, don't lose out on purchasing your tickets! Not only will you have the chance to win some amazing prizes but you will also be contributing to the noble cause of helping residents in need. This week's prize package includes:






224 Dedham Street Norfolk, MA 02056 (508) 384-0111

One of a kind single cup destination store! We have over 800 different cups to choose from. We also have bamboo sheets and pillows. Disc golf department and health products! We add new products every week so the store continues to be an experience! *One Cup Coffee* stocks over 800 varieties of Single Serve Cups including regular, decaf, flavored, organic, ice coffee, hot teas, iced teas, hot apple cider, white chocolate cocoa, milk chocolate cocoa and more! Pick One Cup at a time or you can pick one of each kind! Pick any combo of cups in any quantity!


18 Union Street #103 Norfolk, MA 02056 (508) 346-3537

A little over two years ago Mrs. Jen’s dreams came true! Since the first time she put on a pair of ballet slippers, she dreamed of opening her own School of Dance. A place where dancers of all ages felt comfortable to grow, learn and succeed. Jen’s experience both as a dance educator and professional dancer speaks for itself. Several of her prior students studied at renowned institutions (such as the Boston Conservatory), found their ‘happy place’ at college by joining the dance team, and even came back to study and work with her as adults. Mrs. Jen’s personal mission is to instill a life-long-love for moving and learning in her students. She hopes that Exhale will continue to grow into an asset for her students and community.


175 Main Street Norfolk, MA 02056 (781)-647-5390

Ivy Music Academy is located at 175 Main Street in Norfolk, MA. The Academy offers private music instruction in Piano and Voice, Guitar, Strings and Woodwind instruments. Nestled in a wood grown wild with Boston ivy, the School is a place of growth and song in the heart of the town. Ivy Music Academy is owned and operated by Vaska and Todor Stoinov.


Norfolk, MA 02056

I'm Meghan the maker behind Meggles Knits. I learned to knit when I was 10 years old and had an on again off again relationship with it through my teens. It wasn't until college when a supervisor at my summer job brought in a pair of hand knit socks that sparked the fire that would lead to Meggles Knits. Under her watchful eye, and many youtube videos my knitting grew from simple garter stitch scarves to hats, blankets, cables, sweaters and the ever elusive hand knit sock. I was hooked.


P.O. Box 444 Norfolk, MA 02056

The Garden Club of Norfolk is a non-profit organization that instructs its members and the public on all areas of horticulture and stimulates interest in the beautification of our community. Our club is a member of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts and is thriving after 35 years. Our active and honorary members are interested gardeners with all levels of experience.


1 Liberty Lane Norfolk, MA 02056 508-520-1315

Norfolk Recreation strives to serve the recreation needs for all ages in our community. We provide programming, community events, as also manage Norfolk's athletic fields including field allocation. If your organization would like to use the Norfolk Athletic fields, please refer to our Allocation policies and contact Ann Proto. All Programs and field management policies are compliant with COVID-19 Health Guidelines.


205 Dedham Street

Norfolk, MA 02056

(508) 384-0142

Norfolk Wine & Spirits is a liquor store serving Norfolk, MA, its neighboring communities in Central Massachusetts, and the Greater Boston area. We carry a range of domestic and imported beer, wine, and spirits, but our bread and butter is whisky. With over 1,400 bottles of Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, and World Whisky, and the largest selection of independent bottles in the state, we’ve often been referred to as “a candy store for adults.”

Looking for something other than whisky? We also have a growing selection of other premium spirits such as Armagnac, Brandy, Cognac, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Mezcal, and Vodka.

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