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Norfolk has always supported its neighbors in good times and bad. Norfolk Lions created "Serving Norfolk!" as a way to help our Norfolk Police and Fire as well as Norfolk restaurants during this hard time.

COVID 19 has challenged us in many ways - quarantining, work from home, school from home and social distancing. Our Norfolk Fire and Police first responders are putting themselves and their families on the line each day.  Due to MA stay-at-home guidelines, Norfolk dine-in restaurants have closed or curtailed their operations impacting jobs and income.

Norfolk Lions are requesting monetary donations for our "Serving Norfolk!" campaign.

Your donation has double impact!

1) Proceeds will purchase gifts cards from Norfolk dine-in restaurants

2) We provide the gift cards to Norfolk Police and Fire as a THANK YOU 

Our goal is $1,125 - this is $25 worth of gift cards ($20 to a restaurant, $5 for Dunkin) for every member of the Norfolk Fire and Police departments. A list of donor names will be included with each card.

The effort will run until May 15th. Please click on the button below to make a secure online donation.  If you prefer, send a check to Norfolk Lions PO Box 608 Norfolk MA 02056.

Depending on interest and participation, we will consider expanding this initiative to other Norfolk front line workers and establishments. Please check back for more updates on this front.

Norfolk is a community full of caring neighbors.  Now is the time for all of us to extend a hand and thank those that help us through "Serving Norfolk!".


Make a donation of any amount and help us reach our goal!

All proceeds go towards the purchase of gift cards

Secure Online Payment via PayPal:

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