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A community resource dog (CRD) will be a valuable addition to our community. The dog would be assigned to Norfolk School Resource Officer Joe Choiniere to be utilized within Norfolk Public Schools and the community. The CRD will help Norfolk Police de-escalate situations involving youth and adults who have mental health issues, anxiety, depression, substance abuse or in crisis.  

These specialized trained dogs come from Golden Opportunities for Independence (GOFI) located in Walpole. The initial cost of the dog is around $20,000. The Norfolk District Attorney's Office has already pledged $5000 to Norfolk's community resource dog program. 



You may also make a donation by check utilizing the form below. 

Donations to the Norfolk Lions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. The Norfolk Lions Club is recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization.


All funds not used for the initial purchase and training of the CRD will  be used towards the continual care costs of the dog, such as food and veterinarian appointments. 


The main objective of having a CRD is to bring communities together.

We help deescalate situations that once led to arrest or hospitalization, can now instead change to a peaceful compromise.

CRD's undergo hundreds of hours of training before they are able to graduate.


CRD's love to spend time with students at school.

CRD's can assist Police in helping those suffering a mental health or substance abuse crisis. 

Police forge partnerships with people who live and work in the community. These partnerships can help develop trust and transparency, leading to more efficient and effective policing in a kinder and gentler way. 

What is a community RESOURCE dog (CRD)?



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Do you have a question about Norfolk's community resource dog program?


Please reach out to Norfolk Police School Resource Officer Joe Choiniere.